Creative Alphabets

Josh Johnson submitted the cubic font as a good source of inspiration for a project he was working on and I decided to add a few more to the list of awesome creative fonts – Ok maybe more than a few – Here is the collection of creative alphabets ranging from illustrated type, found objects, hand crafted letters, or really anything you can think of. Some you might have seen before but they are all pretty original. My favorites are the found rocks, the match books, and the meat packed alphabets. Josh’s favorite is the cubic font (first one).

Creative Credits

In Order Of Appearance:

Cubic: Svetoslav Simov

Photogram: Dutch Osborne

Truck Rear: Eric Tabuchi

Found Signs: Jen Quinn

Rubber Band: Nicolas Queffelec

Pebble: Clotlide Olyff

Office Clips: Johnson Banks

Sign Language Matchbook:  Jonathan Keller

Meat: Robert Bolesta

Light Writing: Nir Tober

Light graffiti: Unknown

Hairy: Craig Ward

Found 1: Jonas Mouritsen

Found 2: Abba Richman

Found 3: Jen Quinn

Fingers: Michelle Romo

Toilet Paper: Unknown

Clothespin: Pablo Abad

Buildings And Sky: Lisa Rienermann

Beard: Tim Yarzhombek

Assembly required: Jamie Hearn

Human: Kalle Mattsson

Butterfly Wing: Kjell B. Sandved

Fire: Oleg Osharov

Mystical woodland: Eika Dopludo

Origami: Vladimir Tomin

Cigarette butts: Vladimir Koncar

Industrial:  Kalle Hagman

Illustrated Birds: Andrea Kalfas

Color Dye: Goh Edwards

Earbuds:  liquid06

Pocket Tool: Marcus Schaefer

Venetian Blinds: Andrew Byrom

Modern Furniture: The Butler Bros

Circuit Board Parts: Efson Senturk

Neon Bar Light: BANK

Rotten Apples:  Vladimir Koncar

Hand Figures: Amandine Alessandra

Clothing: Stuart Whitton

Leaves:  Vladimir Koncar

Google Earth: Nelde

Pills:  Vladimir Koncar

Folded Paper: Emma Downing

Ink:  Dawa Chung

Cut Paper: Nicholas Davies

Plastics: Michelle Mac

Single Chair: Amandine Alessandra

Dripping Chocolate: Kimberly Reynolds

Daffodil Flower: Vladimir Koncar